The VIBE Machine is not a Medical Device as defined by CFR 21 U.S.C. 321(h). It is NOT intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, or affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals.

June 5, 2007   It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a newsletter, and so much has happened.  Most recently, I attended the 2007 VIBE Conference, entitled “Energize.” And a magnificently energizing event it was.  There were several speakers, and all were amazing.


New studies have been completed regarding use of the VIBE Machine with various specific diagnoses.  They were completed by medical professionals.  I have copies of the studies at my office for you to review, if you would like to.  A new component for the VIBE Machine will soon be in use, once the patent is approved.  More about that soon.


It was so refreshing to spend a few days in Estes Park where the conference was held.   Lovely mountain air, lush meadows full of majestic elk, and many opportunities to network and socialize with other VIBE practitioners from around the world.


Speaking with so many other practitioners made me aware that the going rate for VIBE sessions nationally averages between $20 to $35 per session and some charge more than $35.  There was encouragement for those of us who had been charging amounts below the standard rate to change our prices to reflect the national minimum.  Thus as of the first week of June, 2007 I have changed my rates to be consistent with local and national minimum rates.  As always, I am happy to consider each new client’s financial situation and accomodate those who need VIBE sessions but cannot afford them.  Trades for service will be considered,  and there are reduced pre-paid plans on the Rates and Hours page of this website.


Each and every client, present and past, is appreciated.


Your input is welcome, as ever.  A program is planned for the summer, with a Raw Foods speaker, food samples, and complimentary chair massage.


There are some details to work out with this, and a date will be announced once everything is arranged.   Hope to see you there!!


September 23, 2006    Those of you who’ve been in for a VIBE, or a chakra balancing, or both, know how busy I’ve been lately.  This is mostly because of my full-time career that I do in addition to the VIBE Experience, and family time too.  I’m probably not busier than any of you.  We all have our filled-up lives these days, it seems.  And that’s one reason these VIBE treatments are such a great option when it comes to energizing and getting balanced:  the sessions are short, yet power-packed.  Many of you have mentioned liking that aspect of the VIBE lately.


So life goes on here at the VIBE Experience.  Saturdays have been quite busy recently.  I’m considering adding yoga on Saturday mornings especially for my regulars here.  There’s a specific yoga teacher I want to invite to run the Saturday morning sessions, and I have not asked him yet.  I was impressed with his enthusiasm and knowledge, nad the way he gets a group energized. Marvelous.  More news about the potential Saturday yoga as this intention unfolds.


I would love to hear about your experiences with focusing on intentionality during VIBE sessions, if you feel open to sharing that with me.  That is another aspect of the VIBE that continually intrigues me.


Also, I want to remind everyone that I remain open to trades for service.  I cannot do all trades, as paying the rent on this studio remains a priority, however there are still a few openings for trades.


Additionally, I want to thank those of you who have donated recently to the scholarship fund for people who have been referred here for VIBE treatments but cannot afford the treatments on an ongoing basis as recommended by their health practitioners.


Much appreciated.


I will look forward to seeing you here soon.  Remember that if you need to come in during hours outside normal business hours, just give me a call.  I’m sure we can work something out!


Enjoy the Autumn!


“You know you’ve achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery


July 17, 2006    It’s been a few months since I’ve checked in.  Hope you’re all having a great summer, and most importantly, staying c o o l!


It’s been a good summer here so far. I always enjoy seeing people who haven’t been in for awhile returning.  I appreciate all of you who come in, and thanks for recommending the VIBE Experience to your friends and relatives!


Please feel free to call in between sessions if you have any questions.


Thanks also to many professional practitioners in the area who refer clients to the VIBE Experience. Remember that I welcome your feedback.


A seminar / workshop is being considered for September.  More news when a guest speaker engagement is definite.  Any suggestions/requests?


Enjoy your vacations, and send me a postcard.  You’ve got the address.


Bon Voyage until next time



March 7, 2006    Yes, hello again, my friends.  Welcome.  I want for you to know about a supplement I’ve discovered recently:


Ellagic Acid


Raspberries are a perfect source of Ellagic Acid.  There are several other sources and of course many companies offer various strengths and qualities and quantities of it in concentrated form.  Most importantly, though, I’d like to tell you what Ellagic Acid does.  Here is a quote from the website:


Ellagic Acid Study!

The Hollings Cancer Institute at the University of South Carolina has conducted a double blind study on a group of 500 cervical cancer patients that had everyone excited. Nine years of study have shown that a natural product called Ellagic acid is causing G-arrest within 48 hours (inhibiting and stopping mitosis-cancer cell division), and apoptosis (normal cell death) within 72 hours, for breast, pancreas, esophageal, skin, colon and prostate cancer cells.

Ellagic Acid Clinical Tests on cultured human cells also show that Ellagic acid prevents the destruction of the p53 gene by cancer cells. Additional studies suggest that one of the mechanisms by which Ellagic acid inhibits mutagenesis and carcinogenesis is by forming adducts with DNA, thus masking binding sites to be occupied by the mutagen or carcinogen. Ellagic acid can be found in different foods.

There is much more information to be found on the ‘net.  I spent much time researching recently, and also have ordered and tried an Ellagic Acid product that I really like.  I will have it available here at the VIBE Experience, at a reasonable price.  You are also welcome to order it directly.  I’m not here to do internet product marketing.  I’m just excited about this Ellagic Acid.  Sloans-Kettering has also done research on it and come up with positive results in normalizing cancer cells.  This is such good news!  Anyway, here’s the link to find an excellent Ellagic Acid products at reasonable prices:

May you always prosper.

“Whatever you do, do it for the love.”  –Sterling E. Stevens


December 24, 2005    I had intended to write another Hello Friends column on the Winter Solstice, so I’m just a few days late.  It is now the eve of Christmas.  Hope you’re all sharing the holiday joy with your loved ones!


I’m planning to spend time with my mother and daughter tonight, and will spend time with friends and family on the holiday tomorrow.  Looking forward to it!


The VIBE Experience office was quiet today.  We had a few new VIBErs sign up last week which was great.


Our VIBE Machine experienced its annual re-calibration a few weeks ago.  It’s running smoothly, as always.


While the machine was away being re-calibrated, a few of you came in and tried sessions with the Perkl-Light.  The Perkl-Light has been available to any of you who are interested in trying it, since last May.  I was introduced to it at the “What the BLEEP??” Conference last spring and really was impressed with it.  Treatments are available on a payment-optional/donation only basis.  The people who tried the Perkl-Light reported positive results, by the way.


We also have the Acu-Vac Coils and other balancing instruments available at no extra charge for you to use during your VIBE sessions.  Please feel free to ask about any of the above when you come in next.


I want to wish you the merriest Yule ever, and a most happy and abundant New Year!!


“Whatever you do, do it for the love.”  –Sterling E. Stevens


Until next time,



November 14, 2005    Yes, friends, another column is coming forth at last.  A few requests have come in recently, so your friendly webmaster thought she might say a few words.


We celebrated our FIRST birthday here at the VIBE Experience in October!  We’re officially one year old now.  We celebrated by donating all $$ from VIBE sessions each Friday in October to funds to help animals affected by Hurricane Katrina.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  We just advertised this celebration at the studio and on the website.  Our advertising budget is nonexistent for the time being–creative suggestions are always welcome!


Moving forth into the holiday season.  Would you like to share your favorite vegetarian and/or raw Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes with us?  We’d love to publish them here.


How about giving someone on your holiday list a gift of the VIBE?  10 sessions are only $80 and for those interested in improving their vitality on a cellular level in a calm and meditative environment, this is indeed the perfect gift.  Think about it…


We will be closed on Thanksgiving, but will be open on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We will be closed on Christmas, of course, because it is on a Sunday.


Also, we’re thinking of changing our hours but are keeping the same hours for now.  The Winter hours we’re considering are  Tuesday through Saturday 12 noon to 4pm.  Simple, easy to remember, and providing a bit of time during the lunch hour for those of you who would like to get in a quick VIBE session at noon.


Please feel free to let us know what you think.  Suggestions are always welcome, and in fact essential, as our aim is your satisfaction.


It would be nice to see you soon.


“Whatever you do, do it for the love.”  –Sterling E. Stevens


Until next time,



September 5, 2005    A new column for you, as the new school year starts.  In America and many other parts of the world, attention is on the devastation created by Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast.  It’s so unfathomable to imagine the entire city of New Orleans empty of citizens.  Seeing the shattered buildings in Mississipi and Alabama seems so surreal.  Listening to the people whose lives are forever altered speak of their losses on television is heart-rending.  Unexpected natural disasters can happen anywhere.


Are you ready?


I don’t think anyone really is.


August was a slow month at the VIBE Experience.  Hope to see more of you here in September.  Please feel welcome to come by for a visit, even if you are not planning to VIBE.  I love seeing all of you!


It makes sense to publish rates here, so I’ve added a page to the website indicating current rates and rate policies.  As with everything at the VIBE Experience, your suggestions and input are always welcome.


If any of you are heading South to help the Red Cross or another nonprofit in relief efforts,  Bravo!  More power to you!  I have a friend who headed down there to help the Red Cross last week.   Her courage and strength have always amazed me.


Let us all stop for a moment, breathe deeply out, then in, then out again, releasing toxins, blockages, and the energy of your day’s events so far.  Keep up the breathing until you feel clear and grounded.  Now let’s send healing energy to all who are affected by Hurricane Katrina,  and blessings to those who have not survived.


Thank you.


I will look forward to seeing you here at the “studio.”


“Whatever you do, do it for the love.”  –Sterling E. Stevens


Until next time,



July 24, 2005    It’s taken me awhile to make this decision, and it really makes sense. This column began as a weekly endeavor, and I am finding that with my full and active schedule a weekly column is not something I can realistically commit to at this time. I do want to continue the column, and will be writing two columns per month. Look for new columns every few weeks, when you have a moment! I’m happy to say that the collaborative Open House celebration at the VIBE Experience and Subtle Energy Therapies was a success. We had good attendance, and all of the presentations were well-received. The introduction of Acu-Vibe was an unexpected surprise and a great way to end the 5-hour event. Acu-Vibe, just as it sounds, is a seamless blending of Acupuncture and a VIBE Machine session. 4 or 5 brave & excited pioneers tried out this new blend mentioned after the VIBE Inventor Gene Koonce’s presentation. I was the last pioneer of the day to try Acu-Vibing, and my experience was positive. The VIBE Machine energizes and focuses the Acupuncture treatment in a way that is unmistakably noticeable. 12 hours later and I still feel great, very energized and balanced. To my experience, most people seek energizing and balancing when they receive Acupuncture treatment, in addition, of course, to symptom relief. That is also what people seek when they come in for a VIBE session. Combining the two enhances both. A win/win situation. An auspicious new beginning.


“Whatever you do, do it for the love.”  –Sterling E. Stevens


Until next time,



July 1, 2005    My vacation from work is nearly at an end.  All of my good intentions to energetically organize my entire life, especially my life at home,  remain in the intention stage.  It turned out that what I really needed to do is rest, relax, and take care of myself.  This career of mine … my job … uses up a tremendous amount of my life energy, probably more than I realized.  Anyway, the rest has been wonderful!

I have some good news for you this week: Gene Koonce has agreed to speak at our Open House in collaboration with Subtle Energy Therapies (Acupuncturist extraordinaire!) on  Saturday, July 23, 2005.  The open house is from 1pm to 6pm.  Gene will arrive between 4 and 4:15 pm.

The July-August issue of the Healing Path has published an incorrect date for the Open House in their Calendar section.  It is on July 23, and NOT July 17.  A correct listing has been submitted to their website, but the necessary change of date happened too late to get published in the printed edition of the Healing Path.

Of course, there would be refreshments available, and the wonderful social cameraderie that happens whenever the VIBE Experience fan club gets together ;).  And with this Open House we have the welcome addition of Subtle Energy Therapies and business associate Acupuncture Access.

Lori Laingor and Abbye Silverstein, both Licensed Acupuncturists, will be speaking as well, probably in the afternoon.  Their speaking times are yet to be scheduled.

$10 Acupuncture sessions  and $5 VIBE sessions are being offered as an Open House special.

We would love to see you there!

Please have a safe and joyous Independence Day!!

“Whatever you do, do it for the love.”  –Sterling E. Stevens

Until next week,

June 10, 2005    Well, another weekly column was missed due to your friendly webmaster being too occupied with everything else in life to keep up with her column.  So I will resume, this rainy day in June.


I’m grateful for the rain, as we have had droughts here in recent years, with last summer and now this summer being the exceptions.  There’s only so much one can say about the weather, so I’ll move on.


Working full time (that full time schedule is an average of 50 hours weekly) and running a business can be energetically draining.  Remembering to allow myself sessions in front of the VIBE Machine is key, and I don’t always remember.  When I do, these sessions invariably result in increased and enduring energy for me.


I will always be grateful that the VIBE Machine has come into my life,  and that it is something I can offer to share with others.  If you’re ever in Boulder, Colorado please feel welcome to come in for a session and try it out.


Upcoming plans for the VIBE Experience:


I would like to invite the VIBE Machine inventor to speak to my current clients and all others in the community.  I haven’t invited him yet, but plan to on Monday.  I’d also like to invite the Perkl-Light inventor to come in on a weekend and do an educational talk and a question and answer session.


Of course, there would be refreshments available, and the wonderful social cameraderie that happens whenever the VIBE Experience fan club gets together ;).


Give me a call and share your ideas and suggestions with me.  I’m always open to your input.


“Whatever you do, do it for the love.”  –Sterling E. Stevens


Until next week,


May 27, 2005    Wishing you all a peaceful Memorial Day Weekend, whatever your plans are.  I plan to stay in town, and enjoy our local Creek Festival.  It’s supposed to rain this weekend, but it always rains during the Creek Festival and that doesn’t seem to dampen the spirits of anyone involved very much at all.


Wish I could bring the VIBE Machine to the festival;  that would have required major preplanning, and apparently it’s preferable to bring the machine to the new age and alternative health type fairs rather than a regular festival.  A more focused audience is usually more harmonious.


My most exciting event this past week was getting my first lawn mowing done, thanks to the fact that I finally broke down and bought an electric mower.  So far so good, I feel empowered to mow my own lawn now.  I hated the startup procedure, the flying particulate matter, and the gas smell of the old mower.


Got a few gas mowers for sale cheap…or free for the right bidder…anyone interested?


I think I’ll go out for a nice walk around the lake by my house.  Nothing like a walk around a lake to get the chi flowing the way it’s supposed to flow.


Please note our closures over the holiday weekend.  Other than a few Saturday closures in June, we’ll be back to business as usual by next Tuesday.


I want to end with a quote:


“Whatever you do, do it for the love.”  –Sterling E. Stevens


Until next week,



May 20, 2005    It’s been so nice to hear from some of you this week;  glad you are enjoying the Hello Friends column.  Please email me if you don’t like it, too, or if you have ideas for column topics.  In fact, if you’d like to be a guest columnist, feel free to submit your column, preferably about something pertinent to the VIBE Experience and/or alternative health approaches.


This week I want to bring a website full of information to your attention.  The website is   and it is a veritable gold mine of resourceful tidbits.  You will find multitudes of forums and blogs as well as other well-indexed topically categorized writings at Curezone.


It is free to start a blog or forum of your own there, and it is important to respect and adhere to their rules.  There is no business promoting/selling allowed at Curezone, which I really like.  For me, this assures that what’s written at Curezone exists for the pure value of it’s essence only, and not to lead readers to a purchasing opportunity.


I know you were wondering, and the answer is yes, there are some of my writings on Curezone.  But I must remain mysterious, as my respect for their non-commercialism runs very deep.  Just as I do not lead Curezone readers to my business,  I do not want to lead those of you who know of my business to my Curezone writings.  Sometimes it is best for a mystery to remain a mystery.  This is one of those times.


If you want to know more about liver cleansing, raw food recipes, meditation, alternative health approaches for diabetes, and so much more, do visit Curezone.  You’ll be glad you did.


Enjoy your week





May 13, 2005    As I thought about this past week, many ideas for column topics came to mind. It’s been hard to choose a topic from among the many potential ones. After some consideration, I’ve decided to write about Network Marketing, otherwise known as Multilevel Marketing.


In my experience and observation, most people either absolutely love or totally hate Multilevel Marketing.   Products available only through Multilevel Marketing are forbidden at many events and fairs in the area where I live. Some people go into an absolutely histrionic rage when Multilevel Marketing is even mentioned.


Some people who appear to be genuine and high-integrity people (case in point: a couple living right on my block!) make their living completely through Multilevel Marketing focused on one good company with a good and diverse product line.


Here at the VIBE Experience we have a few items available that can be procured only through Multilevel Marketing: Body Balance by Life Force, Energy Patches by Life Wave, and various products by BioPro. We do not aggressively market or display these items, and have them available simply because they are quality items that for one reason or another could be supportive & helpful to you on your healing path. They are all items that our staff has tried and found to be well-made and useful. We do not ever pressure anyone to become a distributor, and if a client of the VIBE Experience expressed a desire to become a distributor, we would place a client in a sponsorship downline other than one of ours, so as not to create a conflict of interest.


Your comments about this are welcome, and in fact encouraged.


Until next week, peace to you.





May 6, 2005   How are you?  There was no April 29 column; I just got too busy and did not get one written.  My apologies.

During an interesting conference I attended last weekend,    I was presented with an opportunity to try a new energetic device, and now it is a part of the available repertoire here at the studio:


 A New VIBE Experience:

Perkl-Light™ Energy Balancing Machine

The Perkl-Light™ energy balancing machine presents an exciting new

technology for subtle-energy modalities. It creates a highly-tunable energy field that gently and effectively modulates the human biofield.  The Perkl-Light™ energy machine is user-friendly,  and portable, and you are welcome to try it when you come in for your weekly VIBE session.  We currently offer a $35 discount if you decide to purchase a Perkl-Light™  of your own through us.


And so, it’s a wrap for another week.  Enjoy the weekend.




Find out more about the Perkl-Light


April 22, 2005       First of all, readers,  Happy Earth Day to You!   The first Earth Day was in 1970.  I remember going with some of my favorite high school buddies to Denver’s Currigan Hall for an amazing exhibition.  I still remember the balloon-like lungs in a plexiglass case, showing how smoking cigarettes affects humans.  They were a horrible pasty grey, and expanded in, then exhaled out.  Don’t remember much about the rest of the exhibition, just the lungs.  Seems like another lifetime, it was so long ago.  Are we taking care of our Earth?  That’s what I wonder.  What can you do to take care of the Earth today?  What can I do?  What can all of us do together?


And now, on to a new topic:


Sucralose, commercially known as Splenda,  has been proven to be potentially dangerous to your health.  I received an email from a friend recently and then completed some research of my own.  This is important information.  If you’re using Splenda as a sugar substitute, please take the time to read this.  The link to the MS Word document is to your right.


As they say in the commercials for my HMO, :”May you live long and prosper.”


April 15, 2005        Thinking about unconditional acceptance and/or unconditional love is quite an immense thought-journey. Do you think you know what unconditional love is? Have you loved someone unconditionally? Have you been loved unconditionally? What does that feel like? First, definition is essential:

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:  One entry found for unconditional.  Main Entry: un·con·di·tion·al        Pronunciation: “&n-k&n-‘dish-n&l, -‘di-sh&-n&l    Function: adjective       1 : not conditional or limited : ABSOLUTE, UNQUALIFIED <unconditional surrender>

Not limited. OK. Let’s start there. Love that is not limited. Acceptance that is not limited. How do we give love that is not limited? We do not allow it to be limited. Fear can limit love. Fear can stop love altogether. Fear can transform love to hate in the blink of an eye.

I know you’ve experienced this; we all have. Perhaps you would explain it with different words.

When one has allowed fear to overtake and consume life-building, relationship-enhancing emotions such as unconditional love and has done this repeatedly, it can cause inner blockages and a sense of stagnation and stuckness.

There are many ways to let go of fears you’ve internalized over the years that might be blocking love.

For one thing, practice learning to trust. It is the first step toward unconditonal acceptance. Practice trusting YOURSELF. That’s right. Keep practicing trusting yourself until you feel confident you’ve mastered that.

Then, proceed to accepting yourself, unconditionally. If you trust yourself, this next step will follow easily.

It’s not too far a journey from this place of unconditional self acceptance to being able to love and accept others unconditionally. Choose people you can trust to practice this with.

Practice all of this for the next week or so. If you want, you may let me know in the Guestbook or the Blog how this experience went for you.

It’s all about letting go of blockages, which is essential to achieving optimum health. And that is just what The VIBE Experience would like to empower you to be able to do.

Unconditionally yours,


April 8, 2005

Why do we do anything? Why not just sit in a room, monastic and meditative, day in and day out, gently traveling on a path toward inner holiness?

You laugh. How absurd.

Think about it though? How are we different from rodents in cages as they run and run inside their little wheels, thinking they’re going somewhere? Where do we really go, in the end?

In the end, many have said, one’s inner journeys are every bit as meaningful as one’s outward journies. Sometimes the journies inward have more lasting meaning.

As I am not the source of knowing, I will not delve more deeply into this.

Sometimes I sit here at the VIBE Experience office and wonder: why do people come here and sit in front of this VIBE Machine? Are they here for the same reasons I sought out the machine originally? Some were signed up with this service before I acquired the machine and the prepaid clients who came with it. Sometimes they speak of the gift that this VIBE Machine has been in their lives. It seems to make them happy. Their happiness brings me happiness.

I study the words of Tesla, and Rife, and Lakhovsky. It is from deeply studying their works and through applying his own years of scientific and electronic wisdom that the VIBE Machine’s inventor, Gene Koonce, created this technological advance.

I am grateful for all of the people, and their pets, who come in for VIBE sessions.

Myself, I find that one or two VIBE sessions a week work well for me. How can I explain in words what this machine does for me? Intent is an integral part of the session for me. My intent is to increase my energy and improve my health. Quite general. Sometimes I get more specific. I have felt more energy since I started with VIBE sessions. I used to be tired a lot of the time. I have also been more task-focused and able to multi-task at work since starting VIBE sessions, which is a real gift.

It probably seems a bit  far out for some of you. That’s fine. Perhaps it’s not for you.

Yet I am so thankful to have this technology in my life.

Until next week,



April 1, 2005     I’m trying something entirely different for the Hello Friends column this week.  I was in the midst of a Google Search today for Bungalow house plans and somehow ended up on the Village Voice website.  There I found an excellent article on an issue very much in the media forefront recently.  This article is very much worth reading; due to copyright laws I will not print it here, but you can use the link below to get to it easily.


Until next week, readers, be well.  Come in and V.I.B.E. soon!



Terri Schiavo: Judicial Murder
Her crime was being disabled, voiceless, and at the disposal of our media
by Nat Hentoff



I hope to see you at the V.I.B.E. Experience studio any day now…





March 25, 2005       Reiki is just plain fascinating!  Having recently completed private instruction for Level I with a local Usui Reiki Master,  I have to say that the potential of  working with the Reiki energy just amazes me.  It’s so pure, so unconditionally loving, so clean, and so direct.


I am but a fledgling in the entire process, which involves lots of love and determination, and two more levels of attainment and attunement.  Right now I am treasuring the moment of my first Reiki attunement, a week ago today.  I felt just like I remember feeling as a child, like a clean clear being, without all the aches and pains and blockages and complexities that growing older brings along with it.  How and when exactly did that feeling go away?  I have mused and wondered about this all week…


I want that feeling back, all the time.  Is this unrealistic?  I want to feel as free as a butterfly,  flying among flowers,  frolicking in the sun, timelessly.


But, of course, Reiki is about so much more than the process of one’s own self-healing.  One aspect of Reiki which is very important, I have learned, is that the Reiki practitioner does not personally dispense healing to others, but rather is a channel for that energy.  The Reiki energy comes through practitioners, but is not contained within the practitioner.


It’s a beautiful thing, really.  So far I have given many Reiki treatments to my cats, and one treatment to my son’s girlfriend’s cat, and the cats have enjoyed it.


I would like to study more and keep working on self-healing before I venture into the realm of giving Reiki treatments as a part of my offerings here at the VIBE Experience and Journey Counseling office.  Excellence of service is important to me, and I need to wait until I know I am ready to allow this powerful and good Reiki energy to benefit others through me.


If you are interested in learning Reiki, I would highly recommend Usui Reiki Master Lynn Chandler as a teacher.  She can be reached by email at:  mailto:[email protected]


Wishing you a safe and happy weekend,





March 18, 2005       A rather surprising topic will be our focus this week — spam!   I’m talking about that email that comes to your inbox that you were not expecting. And the volume isn’t small.  Many people receive 200 or more spams each day. The common reaction to spam is, “gotta get rid of it.” Similar to how people react to finding mice living within the walls of their homes.


Spam is not easy to get rid of, though. There are many approaches, some of which cost money. You do not need to pay to eradicate spam from your inbox. Simply take the time to reply to each spam at the bottom where it says you can stop getting it.  That’s the first step. Granted, that takes time. It is usually fairly effective. There are laws against sending spam, so those who send it are motivated to obey your request for them to cease and desist.


You can also utilize whatever services your email server has (they all have them) to filter away the spam. Some are downright unfriendly and cause your friends’ and business associates’ emails to be put through the security wringer before their innocent emails can reach you. This can alienate friends and business associates permanently. Unless you’re stridently and firmly antisocial, do not use this tactic to rid yourself of spam. I have adopted a radical approach. I simply delete the spams I receive each day. I receive the average amount: about 200 a day. On my 56K modem dialup service (not the fastest in the world…) it takes me 35 seconds to delete my daily spam. I can easily spare this time. It beats the angst of repeatedly replying to these bozos to get them to stop sending it. It beats putting my friends and business associates through a security gate process just to email me.


There is something very effective you can be aware of  for spam prevention. Be very careful when you give out your email address on the internet. Sponsored guestbooks on websites (such as Bravenet Guestbooks) are a good example of a place to never give out your email address. Spammers search guestbooks and pull these email addresses to add to their ever-growing lists. A site will generally tell you if they plan to keep your personal information (which includes your email address) secure and private. If the site does not say they will keep your personal information private, then do not type in your personal information anywhere on the site.


If you author a personal website, do not publish your email address on the website. Instead, provide a form for contacting you on your contact page. Form scripts are easy to learn even for the beginning webmaster and can be found easily using a search engine using the words “form script”. As usual, this column reflects my experiences and opinions, and I hope what I have to share is useful for you.


If you have helpful suggestions to share about approaches you have used to eradicate spam from your emailing life, feel free to go to our contact page and send these suggestions to us.  Just type them into the text box for questions, with the title:  spam suggestions.


Wishing you a peaceful weekend,





March 11, 2005    A week has passed already. Does it seem to you that time is flying by faster all the time, or is it my own private perception? Yesterday evening I attended a memorial service. These days they call it a “celebration of life,” new words but still the same sadness. Someone my son’s age, 26, from his high school graduating class. The service was at their alma mater, and the high school auditorium was crammed full of people; there wasn’t even any standing room. One entire wall of the large room was filled with pictures of this young man’s accomplishments. What I saw and heard over and over is that he really enjoyed life. Really really enjoyed every precious moment of his life. I remember that from the times when my son spent time with him when they were much younger. I remember high school graduation day, and joining my son with this young man and another fellow from the graduating class at an Italian cafe downtown to celebrate in the afternoon, just hours before the larger party planned for the class later that night. There is always such a sense of an infinite future at the time of graduation. And there was that day too. Infinite possibility. Certainly on one level it is tragic for someone so alive to pass from this earthly life so young. On the other hand, I believe a fully lived life is a perfect life, however short or long. Living each moment fully and perfectly is an art that takes effortlessness to master. That’s right…effortlessness. This young man had mastered life. What choices can you make today to move toward mastering life? What is your definition of mastering life? About your assignment from last week: did you complete it? What did you learn? Did you uncover new knowledge that will be helpful for you? Check our archival page to read last week’s column if you missed it. Until next week, peace to you. ~~Margaret




March 4, 2005     This is a new weekly column.  It’s for you, so of course your feedback, your letters, your emails would be treasured.  And published.  Send them!  On to the column.


As much as we often hear that there is really not much new information in cyberspace anymore,  still this column will strive to be informative, educative,  and helpful, focusing on your health information interests.


Today’s topic is that since statistically people are living longer, why not make that quality time?  Today’s topic is, indeed, a question. It is a question for you, the reader, to ask yourself.  What can you do to improve the quality of your health today?  A nice leisurely jog maybe?  A visit to the gym?  A no junk food day?  Drink at least 8 glasses of water, preferably purified or artesian water, at room temperature, today.


I see people all over this semi-utopian town I happen to live in with their Nalgene water bottles.  Did you know current research has shown that allegedly Nalgene is as toxic as all those other plastics that water bottles are made of?  What are we to do?  Use a glass, that’s my solution.  Actually, of course, new healthier lightweight metal water bottles are the newest craze for those in the know about the supposed toxins in Nalgene.   We just really have to choose to live for the moment, not allowing every new blip concerning toxic this and toxic that to sway us from our focus, whatever that might be at the moment.  My suggestion?  Heart centered living.  Love.  Love is a preferable central focus for me.  Almost always.


As we dialogue about having a full and enjoyable life (my definition of a quality life) the issue of body fat invariably comes up.  It is well known that a person with  a lean body has a better chance to live a long healthy life than an obese person does.    So many people struggle with dieting and exercising, the only two ways that a person can really lose weight and keep it off.  There really aren’t a lot of short cuts that actually work for the long term.  So here I am, a person with some body fat of my own, giving you advice.   I’ve lost a few pounds in my time.  Gained most of them back, but that does not alter the fact that I had the ability to lose them in the first place.  Makes sense, right?  Nope.


I will end this first column with a recommendation.  An assignment, really.  I am assigning you to thoroughly read as much information as you can on another website.  It is the website for the Life Extension Foundation.  These people know quite a lot more than me about how we could all enhance the overall quality of our lives in countless ways.  I am not paid for this and am not advertising them.  I am recommending the information they have to offer you.  It is quality information.  Like most websites these days they sell things too. I enjoy going to their website just to get information, as I purchase their products from my health practitioner and not on the internet.


Enough words for now.  If weight loss, vitamins, long happy life, or just the pure need for more information are motivating you these days, take a look at the Life Extension Foundation website.   Let me know what you learned there.  That’s the assignment.     Peace to you.